Chen Liangyu Sacked

September 25, 2006 at 7:05 am (China, Politics)

Chen Liangyu was sacked.

It’s explosive news, but it’s also not news. No one is safe in China’s officialdom. It’s common in China’s 5,000-year history that whenever there are successions, there are removings, demotions and killings.

Communist party officials should feel lucky. Comparing to their counterparts in ancient history, at least their lives are not endangered. Comparing to average citizens, even if they are sacked, they have already savored the luxury that the mass can never even imagine. If they end up being removed, it’s not a big deal. They just retrieve their normal citizen identities.

That’s why even China’s officialdom is so dangerous, people are still crazy about it. The cost is zero, the profit is tremendous. It’s a gain you always win.



  1. The Aftershock of Shanghai Political Earthquake « Random Blog said,

    […] This was just another aftershock since Chen Liangyu, former chief of CPC Shanghai Committee, was disciplined this Monday. The whole city was in turmoil as corruption probes deepened. […]

  2. Creaws said,

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