Orville Schell Appointed as Director of Center on U.S.-China Relations

September 27, 2006 at 8:45 pm (Berkeley, China)

Orville Schell, the Dean of Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley and one of the top Chinese study experts in the U.S., has been appointed director of the newly established Center on U.S.-China Relations of Asia Society, which was founded by the prominent Rockefeller family in 1956. (Click here to read news from the New York Times)

I am lucky to be one of Orville’s students. He is exceedingly knowledgeable and amiable. Although he is unfortunately described as an anti-China scholar in China, he is in deep love with the country. The unfriendly title China imposed on him is one more example of Chinese authority’s hypocrisy and peremptoriness.

Seldom will we see Americans call a Chinese scholar an anti-US scholar. If someone is anti China, he won’t struggle to support Chinese students, won’t invite Chinese visiting scholars, won’t appeal for freedom and democracy for Chinese, won’t spend his whole life writing, studying and traveling China, and most of all, won’t send his children to China. Who will send his kids to the enemy? Especially to an enemy famous for its intolerance and its intention to detain dissidents? No kidding.

Orville is a preacher of democracy. There is no concept of country boundaries for a preacher, who is striving for the happiness and freedom of people, not for the ruling of a party or an authority. The one who is standing against China is not Orville, it’s someone else.


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  1. kate said,

    A real scholar of Orville Schell, a real gentleman he is and a real China friend and fan he is.

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