Congressmen’s Salaries

September 28, 2006 at 9:41 am (Politics, US)

How much do the US congressmen and Capital Hill employees earn? The salary data, which have already been available in books in the Capital Hill office, are now moved online. The newly launched website ( got so much traffic that its server temporarily crashed.

The website shows more than 200 Senate staffers earn $150,000 per year. Many employees make about $50,000 to $60,000 per year. Interns are often only paid $200 per month. And It’s no secret that the President pockets $400,000 per year. Representatives and senators take home $160,000 per year. Click here to read the San Francisco Chronicle report.



  1. Shaastra said,

    v. to feel physical distress, pain. From Twi Shaastra home-cured tobacco, straight from the field. (5)

  2. jim schlichting said,

    169,000 a year.
    No wonder we get a 14% approval rating.
    Who would want that job when Joe the plumber
    makes more NOT EVEN EMPLOYED.
    The key is in the RETIREMENT EARNINGS.
    What percentage of their pay is a yearly

  3. Larry said,

    I believe that Obama should take a pay cut if everyone else is suppose to. What does he need $400,000 a year for? He lives in a house that he does not have to pay rent for, he does not have to pay gas, electric, food, water etc. It is all pid for by us, So why does he need to make that much money for. He wants everyone else to be deprived of a good salary, so should he. Also If he and all the politicians would pay their share of taxes, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.

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