Which Battery is Safe

September 28, 2006 at 11:17 pm (China, Companies, US)


Following Dell and Apple, Lenovo and IBM are recalling laptop batteries made by Sony. Yes, Sony again.

So no matter what your laptop’s brand is, just check the battery. And if it’s made by Sony, immediately pick up your phone and call your laptop manufacturer. After all, we don’t want our laptops to burn our “laps”.

Well, I have to stop typing and check my battery.

For your convenience, HERE is lenovo’s official policy on how to identify and return the batteries.

From The New York Times:

A Battery Recall for ThinkPads

The Lenovo Group and I.B.M. are recalling more than half a million notebook computer batteries made by Sony after a computer caught fire at Los Angeles International Airport, Lenovo and federal safety officials said yesterday.

Sony separately initiated a global replacement program for lithium-ion batteries it made for notebook PC companies, saying short circuits could occur on rare occasions when tiny metal particles come in contact with other parts of the batteries.

The move by Lenovo and I.B.M. to recall ThinkPad batteries brings the number of battery cells recalled to more than six million since Dell said in August it was recalling 4.1 million notebook batteries made by Sony. Apple Computer announced a recall on Aug. 25 of 1.8 million lithium-ion batteries made by Sony.

A Lenovo spokesman, Ray Gorman, said the company expected the financial impact of the recall to Lenovo and I.B.M. to be minimal as Sony was “supporting us financially in this recall.”



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