The Editorial Makes Way for the Business

October 6, 2006 at 11:55 pm (Media, US)

Finally, the day of sentence come. The publisher of the LA Times was fired because of his refusal of cutting jobs from the newspaper’s 940-member editorial staff.

Jeffrey M. Johnson, the publisher, went to Chicago three weeks ago to convince the Tribune Company of the necessity of keeping the current staff, by doing which he risked his job. For a while it seems he secured his position. But he didn’t. The Tribune Company showed their tough side by forcing out Johnson for his renegade.

It’s not the first time the editorial made way for the business. Newspapers are on an irreversible trajectory of losing profits and circulations to the new media. And as this trajectory goes on, more editorial jobs and principles will be sacrificed. The media is controlled by the Wall Street, not by the public.


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  1. What a Bleak Era « Random Blog said,

    […] What a bleak era for printing media. After the publisher of the LA Times was sacked, three former Knight Ridder newspapers are planning layoffs. […]

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