What a Bleak Era

October 21, 2006 at 7:58 pm (Media, US)

What a bleak era for printing media. After the publisher of the LA Times was sacked, three former Knight Ridder newspapers are planning layoffs.


Read the news story from The New York Times:


The new owners of three former Knight Ridder newspapers announced layoffs, expected layoffs and abrupt changes in management yesterday as they painted a bleak outlook for the newspaper industry.

The San Jose Mercury News said it planned to lay off 101 people from its work force of 1,260 employees. The cuts are to include 40 workers from the 280-member newsroom.

The new owner of The Philadelphia Inquirer and its sister paper, The Daily News, said in a memo to the staff that “some layoffs are unavoidable.” Both papers underwent significant cuts last year.

And at The Contra Costa Times, the editor was abruptly made “redundant” as the paper consolidated many of its functions under its new owner, according to a memorandum to the staff.

Owners of all the papers said that most newspapers across the country were facing the same situation, largely because of significant drops in advertising revenues.


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