US Newspaper Circulations Slide More

October 31, 2006 at 9:46 pm (Media, US)

From The Wall Street Journal:


Nearly every major U.S. newspaper suffered circulation declines in the past six months, according to the newspaper industry’s twice-yearly report from the Audit Bureau of Circulations, the latest confirmation of the difficulties facing the industry as readers flock to the Web and other outlets for news.

Average daily circulation of the 770 newspapers reporting results to the ABC dropped 2.8% on a year-to-year basis during the six months ended Sept. 30, according to an analysis from the Newspaper Association of America, an industry-trade group. The drop in circulation follows a decline of 2.5% during the reporting period ended March 31 of this year and a 2.6% decline in the year-earlier period. Average Sunday circulation at 619 of the country’s newspapers fell 3.4% in the most recent six months, according to the NAA. The circulation figures are preliminary and subject to audit by the ABC.

The circulation report, which comes on the heels of several major publishers reporting weaker ad revenue for the third quarter, is likely to reinforce concerns among investors about the industry’s prospects. Those concerns have prompted some investors to push companies such as Tribune Co. to restructure or put themselves on the market.

Top 20 US Newspaper by circulation:

Newspaper                                             Circulation       Change from Mar-Sept. 2006

1. USA Today                                           2,269,509     -1.30%

2. The Wall Street Journal                    2,043,235     -1.90%

3. The New York Times                        1,086,798      -3.50%

4. Los Angeles Times                             775,766          -8%

5. New York Post                                   704,011         5.10%

6. New York Daily News                       693,382         1%

7. The Washington Post                         656,297     -3.30%

8. Chicago Tribune                                576,132       -1.70%

9. Houston Chronicle                            508,097       -3.70%

10. Newsday, Long Island                    410,579        -5%

11. The Arizona Republic                     397,294         -2.60%

12. The Boston Globe                          386,415        -6.70%

13. The Star-Ledger of Newark, N.J.,  378,100     -5.50%

14. San Francisco Chronicle                  373,805       -5.40%

15. Star Tribune of Minneapolis-St. Paul 358,887   -4.20%

16. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution     350,157     -3.50%

17. The Plain Dealer, Cleveland               336,939      -0.60%

18. The Philadelphia Inquirer                  330,622     -7.60%

19. Detroit Free Press                               328,628    -3.60%

20. The Oregonian                                   310,803     -6.80%


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